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Name: Tyee Redstone
Status: Do Not Display in Database
Serial Number: 6E1-TYMRC-0W5S
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Acting Captain
Age: 34
Race: Deltan/Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 2nd, 2369
Height: 1.52 m
Weight: 47.63 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Brown Father: Kai Redstone
Hair Color: Black Mother: Syn Anestri Redstone
Marital Status: Single Siblings: None
Location of Birth: Bear Island Spouse: None
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: None

Personal History
Stardate 690202 Born on the Grasynth Estate on Delta
Stardate 710408 Made the first of what would be regular trips between Delta and Earth; lived on Bear Island, Earth.
Stardate 870901 Accepted into Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 870904 Said my good-byes. Picking up my bags and actually walking out the door took more courage than I could ever have imagined. Cried all the way through takeoff.
Stardate 911109 Finally, my academy days are behind me -- and now, the adventure really begins.
Stardate 920711 SCYLAX ordered to evacuate survivors from Starbase 517 which has fallen to the Xeleucians. Ship damaged extensively but mission was successful. First time in charge of the ship during a battle situation.
Stardate 920805 SCYLAX ordered to the Gi'jii System to determine if the Xeleucians are present in-system. If so, ordered to drop a string of signal buoys and hold the line while diplomatic negotiations ensue.
Stardate 920811 Work started on after hours project -- attempting to modify a shuttle for a stealth mission against the Xeleucians. Project team includes Lt. Parks, Ensign Creeke and C2C Montoya.
Stardate 920905 Temporarily given command of the USS SCYLAX while the Captain is temporarily reassigned to the USS Nonsuch to provide aid in deciphering Xeleucian code.
Stardate 920906 SCYLAX is ordered to the Snir Research Facility on Gidron IV to investigate the murder of the facility's medical officer. There has been a breakdown in communications between Starfleet and the archaeological team brought to study a recent find in the lower levels of the complex and the facility has been experiencing a series of unexplained equipment malfunctions.
Stardate 921111 Dr. Jordan Paine, a researcher in the facility, is found to have an unspecified disorder (possibly, MPD). The other personality, known as The Doctor, was responsible for the murder of Lydia Poole and Anna Malkyse and for the attempted murder of Helena Blackwell. Dr. Paine, caught in the act, was fatally wounded and died at the scene.
Stardate 921113 SCYLAX discovers a vessel not meant for interstellar travel light years away from the nearest system that can sustain life. An Away Team is sent to investigate and offer assistance.

Medical History
Stardate 920523 Temporarily switched into the body of Katerina Wilkenson.
Stardate 920610 Returned to her own body -- to find that her hair has been dyed blonde and that her 'body' is drunk!
Stardate 920711 Numerous contusions and lacerations when SCYLAX was badly hit during evacuation of personnel from Starbase 517 during heavy attack by Xeleucians. Not treated by medical personnel (who were swamped with casualties at the time).

Promotion History
Stardate 911109 Promoted to Ensign upon graduation from Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 920114 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Stardate 920114 Promoted to Assistant Chief of Engineering
Stardate 920510 Promoted to Chief of Engineering
Stardate 920515 Promoted to Second Officer
Stardate 920515 Promoted to (full) Lieutenant
Stardate 920712 Promoted to First Officer, USS SCYLAX
Stardate 920712 Promoted to Acting Lieutenant Commander
Stardate 920919 Promoted to Acting Captain and given command of USS SCYLAX, NCC 71488.

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 920525 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920905 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For her infallible support to the Commanding Officer in aid to the mission at the Gi'jii system when attempting parley with the Xeleucians.

Transfer History
Stardate 911109 Assigned to the USS SCYLAX.

Character Description Kai Redstone, Ojibwe, met Syn Anestri, Deltan, at a prestigious art school on Earth. They were friends before the end of their first meeting and lovers before the end of that first day. Their relationship and their art became the center of their world though it became apparent, long before their daughter, Tye, was born, that location would be an issue. For Kai was seldom happy away from the home of his people on Bear Island while Syn by far preferred her home on Delta. The solution was immediately apparent -- create studios on both worlds and move between two homes. An ideal solution, well suited to artistic temperament, but difficult once their daughter was born.

Tyee lived with one foot in two worlds. As a bilingual child, she was often seen as slow and backward (a child might know 10,000 words -- Tyee knew 5000 in Deltan and 5000 in Ojibwe). Over time, Tyee 'caught up' and eventually surpassed the other kids with which she went to school.

She has spent enough time in space that she began to think of the spacecraft they traveled on as a third home. On board ship, Tye discovered her interest in how things worked and spent much of time with the engineers learning about ships and engines.

Although her parents were hoping that she would opt for a creative life, Tyee's interest in how things worked and her passion for exploration, dictated her choices.

Pain relief through tactile contact.
Subconscious telepathy.

Hobbies Loves to sing (especially when she's working) and has a good voice -- though not trained. She'd be surprised if someone asked her to sing in public.
Loves to draw -- mostly pen and ink sketches that she keeps in leather-bound, pocket-sized sketchbooks. She's seldom without one.
She loves to play chess and plays long distance games with her father constantly.
Also - mountain climbing and caving, swimming, scuba diving.
She has continued her gymnastic training.
Languages Federation Standard, Ojibwe, Deltan (Fluently)
Vulcan and Romulan (Semi-Fluently)
Physical Description At 5'5", 105 pounds, Tyee is slender and energetic. Her movements are fluid and graceful, thanks to years of gymnastic training, and she tends to sit in unusual positions. Where everyone else will just sit in a chair, she's more likely to bring her knees to her chest or sit with her legs crossed beneath her.

Her eyes are dark brown with green flecks and in them one can easily see her quick intelligence and enthusiasm for life.

She is slender, small-breasted, agile but not overly muscular. While she seldom wears makeup, she has a flair for fashion, enjoys clothes and jewelry, and has a strong sense of personal style.

Personality Ty is intelligent, quick to understand, and highly analytical. She has a broad understanding of ships having spent years traveling between Delta IV and Earth. She works methodically but has a talent for putting her finger on a problem (excellent at locating bugs) once she's amassed enough knowledge and experience in a particular system.

She lives in the moment, enjoying where she is and what she's doing. She doesn't believe in wasting time obsessing about the past or worrying about what might happen. She loves to laugh, sings often, and is something of a dreamer. She has a good sense of humor though she still has trouble understanding jokes based in cultures other than her own.

She's very curious, practically fearless and completely uninhibited - owing to her Deltan upbringing. Can eat anything. Always open to a new experience, a new adventure.

She has a Deltan's view of interpersonal relationships tempered by her upbringing among the Ojibwe. While not religious, per se, she is spiritual .

On the down side, she is stubborn and independent - loathes being controlled. She didn't like the path her parents had chosen for her -- she won't like a partner who is controlling and manipulative. She dislikes meaninless gestures favored in some strata of polite society and would prefer honest hatred to phony friendship. Keeps her word and fully expects others to do the same.

Her knowledge of Earth cultures is somewhat limited -- since time away from Bear Island was almost exclusively spent either in space or on Delta.

Nicknames "Tyger"

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