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Name: J`Athena (Jayne) Artemis Fury
Status: Do Not Display in Database
Serial Number: 5P1-JFHUM-4I21
Assignment: USS Caduceus
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Age: 169
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: June 11th, 2234
Height: 1.5748 m
Weight: 56.7 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father: Max Fury
Hair Color: White Mother: Anne Fury
Marital Status: Single Siblings: Jace Adam Fury
Location of Birth: Katerini, Piera Perfecture, Greece Spouse:
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: Adopted Son: Ravel Damien Fury

Personal History
Stardate 340611 Born in Greece to Max and Anne Fury in the artist colony of Olympus Mons.
Stardate 550903 Begin Medical School at Hippocrates Medical Academy
Stardate 590401 While on Vacation, Jayne is zapped by an Oracle that she and Jace find in the caves at the artist's colony that they grew up in. They are unaware of the affects that will extend their lifetime.
Stardate 600101 Begin Matriculation at Starfleet Academy
Stardate 600604 Graduate Medical School
Stardate 840514 After disappearance of her family, Jayne leaves Starfleet in mourning
Stardate 860101 Goes in search of the doorway/portal that will reunite her with those that were lost from the artist colony. Jace and she travel until 2336 until they finally give up the search but not hope.
Stardate 360101 Travels to P'Jem to join the ascetic sect there and study The Path of Mey'lar, The Path of the Srenkon De Kafli,and being a healer, The Tenets of Serin
Stardate 581011 After being told that she must begin over, too much time had passed and technology was far beyond her previous experience, Jayne begins her educations and career over.
Stardate 581011 After being told that she must begin over, too much time had passed and technology was far beyond her previous experience, Jayne begins her educations and career over. Begins Medical and Xeniobiology degree at DaVinci Academy
Stardate 581027 Return to Earth
Stardate 620901 Begin Matriculation... again... at Starfleet Academy
Stardate 740101 Aboard USS Margaret Mead - Promoted to CMO
Stardate 750124 Along with Damien Korczynski adopt Damien Ravel Fury after the Operation Caduceus: Vulcan Restoration Mission
Stardate 870514 Participates in the Mobile Surgical Hospital #4077 on Rosilik II during the rescue of the Endra colony.
Stardate 870716 Twin brother Jace Fury becomes Missing on the other side of a temporal door. Jayne is distraught and takes a Leave of Absence to decide on her future.
Stardate 870902 Takes Resolution to it's next mission which is unsuccessful. Jayne is taken hostage and orders the Resolution to leave her behind.
Stardate 870913 Completes first mission aboard USS Resolution as her captain. Minos III Trill Terraformation team mandated to Federation for review and unauthorized use of VL-276
Stardate 870913 Ordered to investigate the unusual readings taken by USS Butros Butros Galli (Ambassador Class) on Patagonius III. Resolution sets out on a two week journey to the Patagonius System. Mission successful.
Stardate 891225 After years of negotiations, Starfleet manages to free Jayne and she returns to active duty.
Stardate 901014 Asks Scott Sutton, newly assigned the USS Hellebarde, to take her on as a researcher aboard his ship.

Medical History
Stardate 610213 Has a horrible allergy to Tribble Fur. discovers this in 581011
Stardate 890528
Stardate 891231 Choosing not to return to command, Jayne takes a desk job.
Stardate 910411 Is exposed to Tribbles while Aboard USS Hellebarde and suffers a severe anafalectic reaction.

Promotion History
Stardate 660521 Promoted
Stardate 700101 Promoted
Stardate 740524 Promoted and take XO position
Stardate 800101 Promoted
Stardate 680314 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade
Stardate 700101 Promoted
Stardate 801119 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander by Captain Damien Korczynski
Stardate 840630 Promoted to Commander
Stardate 870721 Promoted to the rank of Captain by Vice Admiral Maria DeMartino

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 860420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 861020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 870420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 870601 Starfleet Commendation
For Heroism in the resuce of the colonists of Endra.
Stardate 870816 Star Cross
For successfuly upholding the values of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet during tense trade negotiations with the people of Stakhanov IV, even in the face of formidible negotiating tactics of the Ferengi alliance.
Stardate 871020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 880303 Starfleet Command Declaration for Valor and Gallantry
for the Stand at Idran.
Stardate 880420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 881020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890604 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For the Mission to System 757.
Stardate 890613 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For the cultural observation mission to Iru III.
Stardate 891020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 901020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 911020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920420 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920612 Starfleet Commendation
For achievement during the follow-up research mission to the ancient Vegrani Fleet.
Stardate 920721 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For distinguished excellence in achievement directly leading to the rescue of missing Federation civilians on Costra III.
Stardate 921020 One Year Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 340720 Starfleet Medical - Xenobiology Research
Stardate 640701 From Academy - First Assignment USS Gallipoli - Assistant Medical Officer
Stardate 690101 Takes position as CMO of USS Andromeda
Stardate 740801 Accepts Executive Officer Position aboard USS Binghampton
Stardate 670101 Starfleet Medical - Adjutant to Starfleet Surgeon General Rear Admiral Maria DeMartino
Stardate 710108 USS Margaret Mead - Olympic Class Vessel - Begin as Staff Physician but during tenure become CMO
Stardate 790101 USS Sentinel - Temporary Commission as Chief Science Officer
Stardate 800229 USS Sentinel crew transferred to USS Stargazer - Jayne retains position as Chief of Science
Stardate 820623 USS Indefatigable - Chief Medical Officer (at request of the Commanding Officer Damien Korczynski)
Stardate 840530 Starfleet Academy - Because of her extensive experience and travel (not to mention she's older than dirt) Jayne is asked to teach at SF Academy - Xenobiology
Stardate 850101 USS Odyssey -Executive Officer serving under Captain Jace Fury, her sibling
Stardate 870721 USS Resolution - Take command of the Nova Class vessel
Stardate 901014 Is transferred as a Researcher to USS Hellebarde outside of CoC to continue to help out when she can.
Stardate 920501 Temporarily transferred to The runabout USS Archimedes as a Chief Medical Officer to investigate the incident on Costra III.

Character Description


Jayne Fury's current history has her as being born on JUNE 11, 2334. Twenty minutes earlier, her twin brother Jace had been born. It's been a race ever since.

She has spent time with the Vulcan monks in a monastery much like that of P'Jem.

Their parents are Maxwell Fury and Anne Fury and they were born in their family home near Mount Olympus, Greece. Jace and Jayne's parents were non-Starfleet explorers who traveled often. Their love of life and exploration was easily passed to their children.

Max, as even his two children call him, was a holonovelist. Anne's history is still unknown to her children though she loved to cook. They traveled afar with their energetic twins to gather experiences and recipes. Iron stomach Jace enjoyed the recipes his mother had while the more delicately balanced palate of Jayne often refused such dishes as Gagh Lasagne. It's no wonder she's a vegetarian now!

Because of her travel Jayne Fury appreciates species for their assets and individuality. She also seems to favor the exotic in her romantic dealings. A past love interest was Dr. Ralen Eroch, an male who has a short red or blue black fur covering his lithe and muscular body and a prehensile tail. The color of his coat depended upon his mood.

The atmosphere in the Fury home was boisterous and full of joy and laughter. Jayne and Jace seemed to thrive on thrill seeking and both have a long list of body parts broken for various stunts pulled. The twins always seem to egg each other on, pushing themselves to the edge of both their physical and mental limitations. Their competition is never mean spirited, though sometimes a little lighthearted ribbing ensues and a good-natured sibling rivalry exists. The bridge of Odyssey was never boring when both Furys were on duty.

Even though they are only fraternal twins, there is empathy between Jace and Jayne, as can sometimes be the case with identical twins. They seem to know each other's reactions and thoughts and are usually aware if the other sibling is somehow hurt by feeling a ghost pain. No mental telepathy exists between them beyond his subtle "twin connection". This empathy has been tested and documented by Starfleet.

J'Athena and Jason both decided at an early age, that Starfleet would be their destination
With their father constantly tinkering with inventions, Jason caught the bug for engineering. With their regular trips to the emergency room, Jayne in turn, became interested in medicine. Both of them showed an aptitude and devotion to the sciences related to their fields and their specialties seem to compliment each other which made them a formidable team.

Jayne is an accomplished artist and loves to play her cello as well. Her love of the exotic also extends to her love of the arts. Her cello was made by one of the finest artisans on Vulcan. The wood comes from a cultivated aromatic tree that bears fruit much like the olives of earth. Artisans on Vulcan have have developed a technique. The wood, while scented softly, not only lends itself well to the timbre of the cello it also gives the player the added pleasure of scent with her music.

She, as is the custom of those in her family, is an athletic woman. In her youth, Jayne competed in the heptathalon and won medals for her physical prowess. Fitness of both mind and body is foremost in her priorities.


Jayne graduated from Hypocrites Medical Academy in Athens. She spent her residency with the specialization in treatment of burns at Hephaistos Burn Center in Sparta. Her brother went directly into Starfleet Academy.

After her successful tenure at the Burn Center allowed her to research and create a burn salve used throughout the Fleet to treat any number of types of burns from kitchen to plasma the distinction was well noted.

Packing her paddleball in her case she headed for Starfleet Academy. The accelerated program for full doctors could have placed her into active service within two years. Jayne however, wanted to experience Starfleet Academy from the ground up and so chose a science track.

Jayne found herself in xenobiology research on the Nova class vessel, USS Margaret Mead when the war broke out. From the Pauling, Jayne was recruited to work for Vice Admiral DeMartino in Starfleet Medical in Rome. After pushing papers around bored she pulled some strings and had herself transferred to USS Sentinel. Her time aboard Mead brought Jayne to distinction and the in the aftermath of war found her chosen to lead a medical mission with the USS Caduceus to Vulcan to bring aid to children separated from their parents.

The Caduceus mission was successful and Jayne won a medal of distinction for this work. Members of her team also became distinguished. During the mission, Jayne found herself adopted by a young vulcan male child. Much red tape later, Ravel Damien Fury was adopted by Jayne and then Commander Damien Korczynski as they chose to share the parenting duties. No romance existed between the peers the child had become attached to both and thus the compromise was established With the adoption of her son, Jayne took a drastic step and asked to be stationed back on Earth. After having distiguished herself we was recruited by then Rear Admiral Maria DeMartino and was snapped up to serve as her adjutant in Starfleet Medical.

Pushing papers was not Jayne's cup of tea, but she chose to do so in order to provide stability to her son. It was a happy time and Jayne was able to hob nob enough to gain some backing for further pet research projects. One of these projects turned out to be USS Odyssey.

The Odyssey project stunned many in Starfleet, the unorthodox decision to place the twins in command of the ship together was hotly debated. In the end, their service to the fleet reviewed and the head of the Sixth Fleet, Vice Admiral Maria DeMartino's backing, they were placed on the three year mission and given the USS Odyssey. Because of this mission and Ravel's age, Jayne and Damien chose to allow their prepubescent son to return to Vulcan for proper training. Currently, Ravel has chosen to study with the Vulcan monastics.

Aboard USS Odyssey, Jayne enjoyed a riotous time with her brother. During Pon Farr, the full Vulcan, Spavok, chose her as his mate and was ready to fight Jace. She chose to save her brother and take Spavok on as her mate. However in the ensuing years it became apparent that they were unsuited to one another and they parted ways amicably.


Commander Jayne Fury has had the normal human childhood illnesses along with the many broken bones of her youth. Being a doctor, she is a lousy patient and is wary of doctors seeing as she's the only one she likes.


In a Good Surgeon, a hawk's eye, a lion's heart, and a lady's hand. - Leonard Wright Jayne's mentor of her later years was Vice Admiral Maria Agatina DeMartino who served on Starbase 202 and ran the Sixth Fleet. She was born in Massa Lubrense, Italy along the Azure Coast. Maria began her career as a doctor. She served Starfleet well and retired as a full Admiral. For further information about this character, you may contact the author.

ANY USE OF THIS CHARACTER WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR IS A VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT LAW. Copyright F. Mastini: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Hobbies Painting, Sculpting, Cello, Triathalete, Falconry, Horseback riding, Mountain climbing, her cat. This bio is in the process of being updated. 4/4/07
Languages Federation English, Italian, French, Greek, Vulcan
Nicknames Jaynie

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