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Name: Vincent Dharmajiva
Status: On Leave
Serial Number: 6C1-VDMRC-5J5J
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Unassigned
Rank: Captain
Age: 43
Race: Human 1/2 Cardassian 1/2
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 18th, 2360
Height: 1.84 m
Weight: 93 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Brown Father: Unknown (Biological)
Anthony Grecian (Stepfather)
Hair Color: Black Mother: Tarmi Dharmajiva
Marital Status: Married Siblings: Aphrodite, Helena, Athena (triplets) - b2363
Kiara, Sarah, Lourde, Tanita, Lainee, Jacinta, Annalise, Fawn, Anthony (Jnr), Jacob
Location of Birth: Sydney, Australia Spouse: Adelle Dharmajiva
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: Two - Isabelle Dharmajiva (8yrs) - Female
Alison Dharmajiva (2yrs) - Female

Personal History
Stardate 600718 Vincent Dharmajiva was born
Stardate 621017 Anthony Grecian marries Vin's mother
Stardate 640911 Vin's half sisters the triplets - Helena, Athena and Aphrodite are born
Stardate 660530 Vin's half sister Kiara is born
Stardate 690322 Vin's half sister Sarah is born
Stardate 700620 Vin's half sister Lourde is born
Stardate 721123 Vin's half sister Jacinta is born
Stardate 750525 Vin's half sister Lainee is born
Stardate 770715 Vin's half sister Tanita is born
Stardate 790125 Vin signs up for Starfleet under a Counselling degree
Stardate 791008 Vin's half sister Annalise is born
Stardate 801130 Vin's half sister Fawn is born
Stardate 820301 Finally Vin's half brother Anthony Grecian Junior was born
Stardate 831215 After 4 full years of a counselling degree, it was decided by Vin's Professors although he had the intelligence and the analytical ability to perform counselling he was to transfer to another field as Vin did not have the personal/social skills to complete a counselling degree with Starfleet
Stardate 840203 Vin decided to remain with Starfleet, although under a Science Degree
Stardate 840531 Vin decides to use his spare time created by the fact he has already completed most of his military training under Starfleet to perform a short course on Physical Training
Stardate 840815 Vin graduated from his Physical Training Course to become a fully qualified Unit Physical Training instructor enabling him to run PT, make physical training programs, treating sports injuries and most importantly run the Basic Fitness Assessment required to be taken bi-annually by all Starfleet members.
Stardate 860806 Vin's half brother Jacob was born
Stardate 881213 Vin graduates from Starfleet Academy and is put on leave until for half a year to be with his family due to his extensive time at Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 890525 Vin is contacted to start his Service aboard the USS Erinys. At first Vin was worried due to the fact that he was literally a fish out of water not being outside the Sol system before in his life that he wouldn't fit in, but after a while and a few missions, Vin found himself amongst friends.
Stardate 890729 Vin's grandmother dies from a degenerative disease (Step-father's side).
Stardate 890815 The holo-borg came to the USS Erinys, causing more than just damage, but arguments and fights amongst the crew about the best way to deal with them. Vin himself took on the Holo-borg by cutting and overloading transmission sensors to hopefully destabilize the holo-aware programming. It was only partially successful and not enough. The Erinys ended up destroyed.
Stardate 890914 Whilst the crew that survived the holo-borg were waiting on their Captain's ( Azari-Ailyah Tarryn ) verdict from the court-martial about losing the Erinys they found themselves attached to the Cereberus on a mission to colonise Neqoran III. On this mission Vin became an away team Commander, investigating the planet's plant life and atmospheric conditions. It was his away team that discovered that Neqoran III had previous inhabitants, a spiritualistic Avian race that was made extinct by ancient atmospheric changes from an unknown origin.
Stardate 890920 It was during the colonisation mission that Vin found romance with a fellow crewmate, Debra Payne . What was unexpected though that some sort of phenomena had the Avian race reach from out of the grave to couple Vin and Deb without there knowledge, they only lived the lives of two Avians in a dream like state and thought nothing of it.
Stardate 891102 When the Captain of the Erinys had her judgement handed down, she found herself with a new ship and almost a whole new crew. Vin himself had been sent to command school, and most of the other former crew either went to the Audax or scattered to the four winds. However, even though Vin was told that he would be going to Star Base 517 as the executive officer, when he arrived he found that the position had already been filled and that he was assigned to the Brittania as the XO. Surprised to find that his former Erinys Captain was the commanding officer, Vin served aboard the Brittania (latter renamed the Erinys) with hard fought dedication.
Stardate 891111 Vin found Debra Payne also to be serving on the USS Erinys and due to the 'coupling' that happened between the two on the Nequoran III colony mission (a coupling that he did not remember as it was made during the halucinatory state when both Debra and he lived the lives of the previous inhabitants of the planet) he found her to be pregnant with his children, twins to be precise.
Stardate 891122 The first mission of the newly renamed Ambassador Class Erinys found an imposter on the ship. An imposter of the new CMO Alexander Graves. Graves had been a good friend and confidant of Vin since their meeting on the Cereberus during the Nequoran III Colony mission. This imposter killed Vin's love and the mother of his unborn twins in an effort to discredit Alexander Graves by a prescribed overdose of a drug that should have only eased Debra Payne's tentative hold on the couple's unborn children.
Stardate 891213 Many things happened quickly after that, the Alexander Graves imposter was found not only being bent onto destroying Graves' credibility but his career as well, and part of that plan was to have Graves seem like a Traitor to Starfleet. To this effect, the imposter almost destroyed the new Erinys by aiding Orion Syndicate members onto the Vessel in order to take it.
Stardate 891222 Once again though the Erinys flew. However it was only to be reassigned to another fleet. But on the way to the new headquarters the Erinys encountered a unknown spatial radioactive disturbance that seemed to chase after the ship. In an effort to save the Erinys, Vin left the ship on a shuttle in order to shut the void by reverse polarization of the shuttles nacelles coupled with tacheon and chroniton emmissions. Vin surmised that although highly dangerous this should work, effectively it did, however Vin and Koji Gamakifaki were found drifting in space weeks later, Koji in the transporter buffers and little harmed due to Vin's efforts. Vin though was highly affected by the great amounts of radiation. Whatever happened to the Erinys though was unknown as it was lost.
Stardate 900105 What should have been simple treatment for radiation poisoning was made more difficult when Vin's father revealed to Graves, who had found himself reassigned to Starfleet medical, that Vin was not the 1/4 Cardassian he thought he was, but a 1/2 Cardassian. Anthony Grecian, Vin's father was a former genetic scientist that tried to hide Vin's mother's shame, by partially removing the Cardassian heritage when fixing birth defects of deafness and nightblindness. Due to the radiation that Vin was exposed to though, these changes had to be reversed or Vin would destroy himself.
Stardate 900220 On recovering from his medical conditions Vin accepted a transfer to Earth in a research and development field. Vin due to his command experience ended up in charge of two successful projects, surpassing the expectations of many and attracting the attention of Admiral Vorn.
Stardate 900826 Admiral Vorn, who saw Vin as one of his 'special' projects decided to assign the rather lowly ranked officer to command of the of the Scylax.
Stardate 900831 Amazingly Vin's first Executive Officer disappears off the face of the planet even before take off.
Stardate 900903 Another Executive Officer assigned to the Scylax was denied the security access to be able to work on the Scylax, which meant that despite Vin's interview with the Officer, the Officer was never allowed to assume the post.
Stardate 900905 Tamashii Otomo, who originally accepted the position of Executive officer (Third person to be assigned to the position), renigged on the position preferring to not assume command just yet and return to a life of a Security officer.
Stardate 900912 Finally Vin had been assigned Koji Gamakifaki as his First Officer. Koji and Vin got as far as getting to Starbase 4 on the way to Vin's first mission before Koji ended up being re-posted to a Sabre Class Vessel.
Stardate 900918 Starfleet Command felt then forced to place Alexander Graves in the position of Executive Officer as the mission "In search of the Daedelus" the maiden mission of the Scylax was very important and needed quite urgently to be done. Graves was meant to just be the Chief Surgeon.
Stardate 910112 Admiral Gregory Maddock (husband of Adara Gunnar - to whom Vin actually unbenownst had a intense short relationship just prior to the couple's marriage many years ago) decided to assign Vin to a medical aid mission with the race called the Gti. The Gti suffered a disease, that although assumed not to be contractible by other races would see the crew of the Scylax in aid to the race for 'until the disease was rectified' effectively quarrantining the Scylax off from everyone else until the disease was cured.
Stardate 910114 Unknown to Vin though just prior to leaving Starbase 517 for the medical aid mission, Graves (although a showing signs of a good Executive Officer) had fallen in with a bad crowd, some secret society for the redistribution of medical supplies in the Federation. This ultimately lead to Graves stealing 'high tech medical gadgetry' not normally available to ships.
Stardate 910117 The Scylax was intercepted by a Traveller, who to knowing that Time, Space and Distance are all relative had a knowledge of the future. A future that revealed that although successful in curing the Gti, the Scylax crew apon return to Earth would be found to be infected with a mutated form of the disease which only activated when entering the atmosphere. The disease acted at random, being barely detectable ended up in this alternate future infecting the human race quite greatly and spreading the disease into the stars... it proved to be a disease greater than any ever imaginable and would be considered the disease to wipe out the human race.

The Traveller therefore decided to send the Scylax away, far into space... in fact over to another Galaxy, Bode's galaxy, in order to stop the contanimation.
Stardate 910121 Vin after his recent brush with death, and the tulmultuous events surrounding the Scylax finds himself at a personal crossroads. Feeling alone and rather distant at the best of times, he decides it is time to bite the bullet and actually open up once again a portion of his heart. The recipient this time is K'ylana Vilqa
Stardate 910321 On return from the Bode's Galaxy, an effort made possible to the joint abilities of the crew of the Scylax and in particular Commander Lucas Miles who had assumed the role of XO during Vin's incapacitation, Graves' was relieved of Command. Graves' was requested to return to Earth pending investigation and trial into the 'theft' of medical supplies from 517.
Stardate 910325 Vin gets approached by a Vulcan Ambassador tasked to negotiating peace with the Corusaari people. The mission sees involvement for the USS Audax assigned to the Scylax as an 'escort' vessel.
Stardate 910326 After some time of deliberation, Vin decides to ask Commander Lucas Miles to be his Executive Officer, to Vin's appreciation Lucas accepts the offer.
Stardate 910603 Claimed by a futuristic borg to save the Corusaari people, however chooses the moment to try and change the Borg forever calling the current borg to him.
Stardate 910720 Vin's body is sent to the Daystrom institute, hopefully in order to remove the futuristic borg implants.
Stardate 911104 A proud day in Vin's life as he finds out that the Scylax has been repaired and is ready for new beginnings. Vin feels it is good to be home.
Stardate 911215 The Scylax after discovering a derelict vessel of unknown origin in response to a distress call manage to track down the 'owners'. A fleet of 40,000 refugees being hunted down to extinction by a superior force. Vin decides to intervene in the situation when the refugees request Asylum from the Federation.
Stardate 911216 In a heroic effort to save Ninan refugees from the Baltarz aggressors, Lucas Miles... Vin's XO passes away.
Stardate 920107 After returning to Starbase 517, being successful in transferring the Ninans to the safety of other Federations ships (U.S.S. Kanimbla) Vin finds himself with a new XO (number 9) Commander Charles Wells. The two head off to find a missing Freighter carrying Tholian refugees from Alit'ras.
Stardate 920509 After rescuing and transporting the Tholian refugees on their way after some interaction also with Cardassian pirates the Scylax makes it's way to Deep Space Nine. There Vin receives his 10th First Officer William Hilliard. At the same time the Scylax is ordered to take some shore leave. They choose Gedi Prime.
Stardate 920523 Helena Blackwell suddenly figures in to Vin's life in a big way. Because on this morning Vin wakes to find himself possessing the body of the Medical Technician. It is interesting to say in the least...
Stardate 920712 After Hilliard being re-assessed medically if he is suited for the job of First officer (having gotten significant injuries during the retreat at 517) Vin decides to make his Chief Engineer and Second Officer the First officer of the USS Scylax. Number 11.
Stardate 920717 Vin submits a proposal to enter Parley with the Xeleucians over the Gi'jii system to Admiral Spartan. The Rear Admiral of the Fleet accepts.
Stardate 920920 As part of his new duties as Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Hellebarde Vin appoints his 12th Executive Officer in just a month over two years... Chrissa Maxwell, the former Chief of Security of the Hellebarde
Stardate 930403 The crew, including his XO, Chrissa Maxwell leaves for various postings as the plans to re-invigorate the Hellebarde are scrapped, Vin finds himself posted from Annapolis to Earth, to assume duties as an instructor... a position he will not reach.

Medical History
Stardate 600718 Vin is found to be born deaf and with night blindness.
Stardate 601008 Vin's stepfather takes Vin away to be 'genetically' altered. To fix the birth defects (entirely legal procedure). However uses the opportunity to play god and try to remove the Cardassian heritage from Vin. However he is only partially successful.
Stardate 790125 From this date until Vin graduates from the PTI short course, he has been treated for many minor strains, muscle soreness and minor back problems from pushing himself beyond his physical limit. It is believed that he continues to injure himself in this way but now he treats the injuries himself.
Stardate 890723 Vin gets stabbed in the back by an Acaarnian - healed by some weird herb poultice that the Acaarnians made.
Stardate 890924 Vin and Deb get sick due to exposure to the Neqoran III lake during a storm. Vin recovers quite quickly under the care from Doctor Alexander Graves, even though inhaling a lot of the mineral laced water and exposure to the same water through cuts and abrasions caused also through the storm.
Stardate 900105 Vin is treated for severe radiation, however it is found that the radiation had already started breaking down his genetically altered state. An emergency reversal of the process had to be performed by Vin's stepfather and assisted by Doctor Alexander Graves. Something that normally thought not possible, however made possible due to the radioactive breakdown of Vin's DNA.
Stardate 900209 Vin recieves audio implants to enable him to hear, after being deaf for a week, and previously being able to hear perfectly without the aid of a bio-mechanical device, Vin finds that he suffers some depression. Starfleet counselling service starts the long process of helping Vin to adjust to his new self.
Stardate 901002 Mid mission, Vin finds out from his Chief Medical Officer that it may be a possibility to rectify Vin's 'night-blindness' with another bio-mechanical implant. Even though hesitant in becoming even less of a 'man' Vin agrees to set up the surgery for later. It came down to a matter of being 'handicapped' or not.
Stardate 910125 The Scylax caught by surprise by an unknown enemy in Bode's galaxy, found Vin treated by the former prisoner Alexander Graves when Vin found himself smashed up by many broken bottles after being thrown on them by a blast rocking the ship. Graves saved Vin's life for the second time by repairing a laceration below the Aorta.
Stardate 910904 Work begins on trying to return Vin to a normal person again after a failed attempt to euthanise him.
Stardate 910914 Doctor Alexander Graves is summoned to help in removing the Borg components from Vin. Due to both the mechanical implants Vin has with his ears and eyes being integrated into the borg technology, a significant portion of Vin's brain is needed to be removed and regrown, Graves' expert knowledge in Neurosurgery helps here and Graves once again saves Vin's life.
Stardate 911005 Vin is labelled 'not fit for command' due to seizures he has been suffering since the neurosurgery. However nothing is found medically wrong with his brain. Instead a radical treatment is sought, and Vin is sent to Cardassia to undergo intense mind conditioning.
Stardate 940327 Vin is found near Cardassia, suffering mental health issues and obvious cranial trauma. He is found to have a 5 year old daughter at the time.

Promotion History
Stardate 881213

Given the rank of Ensign apon Graduation from Starfleet Academy

Stardate 891107

Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Azari-Ailyah Tarryn

Stardate 891107

Given the Rank of Acting Lieutenant Commander on the same day by Captain Azari-Ailyah Tarryn.

Stardate 900821

Promoted to the rank of Acting Captain to command the USS Scylax

Stardate 910318

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Starfleet Command. Retains Acting Rank of Captain.

Stardate 920330

Has Commander rank confirmed by Admiral Thomas X. Spartan, 14th Fleet Commander.

Stardate 921006

Acting Condition removed. Rank of Captain confirmed by Admiral Thomas X. Spartan and Brigadier Worekh Luta

Awards & Commendations
View Medals Display
Stardate 891206 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900606 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 901206 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910606 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 911204 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For actions during the temporal displacement of the Constitution-class U.S.S. Tempest, NCC-1742, to the year 2286.
Stardate 911206 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920128 Grankite Order of Tactics
For leadership safeguarding the Ninans from Baltarz aggression.
Stardate 920508 Starfleet Commendation
For excellence during the investigation into the fate of an ancient Vegrani Fleet.
Stardate 920606 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920721 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For distinguished excellence in achievement directly leading to the rescue of missing Federation civilians on Costra III.
Stardate 920904 Kragite Order of Heroism
For actions of bravery while engaged in rear-guard action during the Ohmacht retreat
Stardate 970105 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 970105 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 840203 Vin transfers to Science at the Academy after unsuccessfully attempting counselling
Stardate 890525 Starts service aboard the USS Erinys as a Science Officer
Stardate 891102 Transferred to the Executive officer position aboard the Ambassador Class USS Britania later to be renamed the USS Erinys
Stardate 900220 Official recognition of Transfer back to earth, after medical condition and loss of the USS Erinys. Works for Starfleet Developmental sciences.
Stardate 900826 Given command of the USS Scylax, a Cheyenne class starship just off the production line
Stardate 910606 Relieved from duty, medical condition pending.
Stardate 911005 Returns to temporary service in command of the USS Swiftfire. Due to medical condition though, it is restricted command with the Swiftfire being immediately assigned to the Bajor sector and Vin sent to Cardassia for medical treatment.
Stardate 911028 Medically cleared by Starfleet after Vin's time spent on Cardassia, temporary condition is removed, transferred to full active command of the USS Swiftfire
Stardate 911104 Vin and the Crew of the Swiftfire are re-assigned to the USS Scylax after Admiral Spartan reveals that the Swiftfire is to be sent to Andoria on another mission, taking the ship out of the province of control by the 14th Fleet temporarily.
Stardate 920618 Temporarily relieved of Command, under investigation with regards to his time spent on Cardassia for apparent medical purposes.
Stardate 920625 Assumes temporary command of the Artaxerses due to the ship having lost their own Captain in a fight with the Xeleucians. Vin was being transferred back to the Scylax at the time.
Stardate 920708 Resumes command of the U.S.S. Scylax after meeting up with it and many other 14th Fleet ships in orbit of Parlaxis after the evacuation of Starbase 517.
Stardate 920905 Temporarily relieved of Command of the Scylax once again, Vin finds himself assigned to a Cryptographic Specialist sub-section of Science on the U.S.S. Nonsuch. Appoints Tyee Redstone as the Temporary Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Scylax
Stardate 920919 After completing the decoding of the Alit'ran/Xeleucian communications with the team of specialists on the Nonsuch, Vin finds himself transferred to the U.S.S. Hellebarde as it's newest Commanding Officer, at the same time Vin discovers that Tyee Redstone, once his XO on the Scylax has assumed Command of the Scylax.
Stardate 930106 After being towed from a conflict, the Hellebarde and her crew, including Captain Dharmajiva assume command of the Annapolis Fleet Yards, temporarily until the Hellebarde could get a full overhaul.
Stardate 930403 Posted to Starfleet Academy Earth. Posting did not eventuate due to member going missing.

Character Description His dark and serious appearance seems to put people off side with him, yet due to his loving family upbringing he actually has a gentle and kind nature. To some people he seems quiet, brooding and a loner type. But there is nothing more he enjoys then be "alone" in a crowd, watching others enjoy themselves. When he makes friends they become like family, and being the big brother of a large family he becomes very protective.
Hobbies Since assuming command positions, there has been little time for Vin to actually partake in the hobbies he once had. Though time is no longer on his side he still appreciates being audience to other's recreational activities.

When he can find the time to engage in physical activites, Vin would prefer endurance activities rather than strength or aerobic exercises.

At one stage in his life, Vin loved canyoning and caving, but tragically confined spaces now puts the demi-cardassian on edge. This is due to his 'alternate life' experience.

As a former student of Psychology, Vin keeps his interest in those matters. He regulary refreshes his knowledge and reads texts on new discoveries. Perhaps his greatest achievement is the understanding of EFACS (Ekhams Facial Action Coding System) which has taught Vin to study the subtle facial language of people and apply it in a manner where he ascertain when someone is lying or to taxonomize every conceivable human facial expression, it is not perfect and he has to spend a little time concentrating in order to gather information. Still he can be fallible in this.

Another passion is learning of Cardassia, its language the people and the culture. Since Vin found his real heritage, he has been on a desparate search for his real father, to find out the truth. This has caused some separation between him and his parents and siblings.
Languages Federation Standard, English, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin, Cardassian, Greek
Physical Description Having too much of the good life and the stresses and pressures of command, Vin's once physically dominant appearance has been softened. No longer is he muscle bound, but it is very visable that he once was.

Being 1/2 cardassian his skin possesses a greyish hue with faint ridge lines along his neck. The "spoon" is barely noticeable but his forehead does protude more than an average persons making his dark eyes seem more deep set. He has the smooth skin, thin lips and slanted eyes attributed to his mothers people (Thai).

The best part is that Vin is growing old gracefully, grey hairs that are appearing he makes no attempt to hide and rather sees them as a sign of achievement.
Nicknames Vin

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