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Name: K`ylana Gabrielle Vilqa
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6B1-KVMRC-5U5N
Assignment: The Fourteenth Fleet
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Rear Admiral of the Lower Half
Age: 39
Race: 3/4 Human & 1/4 Klingon
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: July 29th, 2364
Height: 1.59 m
Weight: 57 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Blue Father: K`Dryn
Hair Color: Brown Mother: Kayla Nicole Vilqa
Marital Status: Other Siblings: K`yra Anik (7 years younger) and Sara (9 years younger)
Location of Birth: Vancouver Spouse: In a relationship with Marcus Saladin
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: None.

Personal History
Stardate 650729 Born in Vancouver,Canada to a Half-Klingon Father and Human Mother.
Stardate 741001 Accepting a scientific field study K`ylana's father moved the family moved to Klingon planets Khitomer then Qo'noS where K`ylana learnt to honour the strong Klingon traditions, yet was not fully accepted by her younger peers due to her small portion of Klingon blood.
Stardate 780610 Moved back to Earth with her family as her parent's field study on Qo'noS ended, and once more was caught in turmoil having a hard time changing her attitude and cohabiting in a calmer society.
Stardate 830321 Obtained civilain small shuttle pilots license.
Stardate 830907 Began her education at Starfeet Acadamy, following in her parent's footsteps in Science. The choice however was not well suited for her and her two years in the trade were turbulant with many diciplinary issues.
Stardate 850910 Remustered to Security in StarFleet Acadamy after numerous issues in her previous education and had to essentially start from scratch in her training.
Stardate 880623 Graduated upper Mid-Class from Starfleet Acadamy.
Stardate 890505 Rumoured to be romantically involved with Scott Sutton.
Stardate 890901 Temporarily takes Command of USS Erinys Crew as Captain Tarryn is ordered by Starfleet to undergo additional training in Command and Engineering.
Stardate 890914 Takes charge of Colony Mission, in Command of USS Erinys and USS Cerberus crews while on the surface of Neqoran III for the Colony Mission.
Stardate 900404 Recieves orders to Command a 4-vessel task force to take down a Syndicate Smuggling Ring. (Audax, SB 517, Brisbane and Adriatic)
Stardate 900411 Continues to deal with nightmares and hauntings of lost crewmembers from her previous assignment.
Stardate 900618 Completes mission to the Badlands; retuning to Starbase 517 with partial crews of the Audax, Adriatic and SB 517 and prepares for debriefing with Admiral T'Leva.
Stardate 900624 Recieves rare orchid that must be contained within its own climate controled sphere from Dr Sean Broday, Cait's grandfather.
Stardate 900712 Dyes hair striking blonde, in deep contrast to her dark onyx hair.
Stardate 900817 Hair returns to dark Onyx Black.
Stardate 900818 Recieves orders from StarFleet Command of First Officer Scott Sutton being transferred to USS Brisbane as Commanding Officer.
Stardate 901003 Ends relationship with Scott Sutton at his request. The pair to remain friends.
Stardate 910302 Taken as a slave during the Atura mission.
Stardate 910320 Becomes involved with Captain Vincent Dharmajiva of the USS Scylax.
Stardate 910701 Goes into slight depression over Vin becoming assimulated by the Borg.
Stardate 910820 Answers distress call from Captain Luta to aid in rescuing 10,000 persons from impisionment on Alit'Ras despite orders from Admiral to Catalan to stand down. Included in these prisioners is Captain Thomas Spartan.
Stardate 920620 Answers distress call from Captain Luta to assist in the evacuation of 517 due to threats by the Xeleucian's and their claim of Ohmacht being their terrirory.
Stardate 920728 Dharmajiva and Vilqa part ways.
Stardate 930409 Participates with Federation Coalition vessels against the Xeleucian's at Parlaxis. Captain Vilqa is paired Captain Aleris of the USS Orion to lead their vessel groupings.
Stardate 930430 Coalition Taskforce complete -- Xeleucian's retreat from Parlaxis.
Stardate 961127 Suffers life altering nightmares. Uncertain what is reality and what is a dream

Medical History
Stardate 841012 Confined to sickbay after numerous injuries as a result of a brawl.
Stardate 870121 Broken arm during Klingon battle ritual.
Stardate 880725 Stabbed on the side during a battle against the Ferengi on an attempted USS Erinys invasion.
Stardate 880912 Treated for injuries sustained on an away mission, plus broken ribs and conussion from an incident in the holodeck during a training session.
Stardate 881018 Suffered broken nose during a bat'leth sparring match
Stardate 881210 Body ages one year on an away mission to the planet of Ascella, even though only a few days pass to the crew of the Erinys.
Stardate 881215 Diagnosed with a cronic knee injury. Must wear tensor support when doing strenuous exercises or over exerting.
Stardate 890319 Suffered radiation poisioning and a consussion on Montrae III.
Stardate 890529 Suffered broken nose and other various minor injuries while in orbit around Risa. Cause of injuries undisclosed.
Stardate 890601 Injurs knee; refuses to seek medical attention due to current mission seeking the Cardassian Dreadnaught.
Stardate 890608 Undergoes extensive reconstructive surgery to her knee.
Stardate 890611 Ordered to wear a knee brase until further notice and begins extensive therapy for her knee.
Stardate 890823 Injured by phaser fire on mission to Timare.
Stardate 891211 Recieves minor injuries during a mission to RekepsIII while temporarily assigned to USS Rhine.
Stardate 900122 EVA suit is faulty and she is poisoned by Seriton gas while in the Stone Place, taking control of a smuggler's freighter. Lungs collapse and her flesh is burnt by the corrosive fumes.
Stardate 900201 Undergoes critical surgery by Doctor's Brody and Allana to replace her lungs with biogenetically created ones.
Stardate 900606 Re-injures her knee while in the Badlands.
Stardate 900711 Injured in a spar with Commander Sutton. (Split chin, bruised ribs and lower back, strained knee)
Stardate 900712 Starts to regress in age due to unknown virus. Physiologically she is affected first; then slowly physically.
Stardate 900715 Starts to regress in age but does not realize. Suffers from coughing and sneezing; assuming it is some mild bug or something in the ventilation system. The Audax crew remains on R&R as planned.
Stardate 900727 Is drugged while on R&R with undisclosed substance. Local medics revive her.
Stardate 900817 Is cured by Dr. Cait Brody and Dr. Billy Bowers of the mutated flu; Levodian-Chase. Body returns to normal age.
Stardate 901101 Undergoes extensive spinal cord surgery; spearheaded by Dr. Brody assisted by Dr. Bowers, Counsellor Blake and C1C Quanar aboard Starbase 517 along with Dr Crane (NPC from 517).
Stardate 910703 Is treated for minor injuries from the Corassari Mission and the battle with the Borg.
Stardate 930507 Finally treated for minor words sustained during Xeleucian battle.
Stardate 940626 Fractures ribs and receives other minor lacerations during a boxing match with Reed.

Promotion History
Stardate 880626

Graduates from Star Fleet Academy and given rank of Ensign.

Stardate 881220

Promoted to LtJG by Captain Azari-Ailyah Tarryn

Stardate 881220 Promoted to Chief of Security and 2XO.
Stardate 890220 Promoted to Acting Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the USS Erinys
Stardate 890506

Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Azari-Ailyah Tarryn. Remains Acting Lieutenant Commander and XO.

Stardate 891108

Promoted to Acting Captain and Commanding Officer of USS Audax for her maiden voyages.

Stardate 900217 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Captain Bazhena.
Stardate 901004 Promoted to Commander by Captain Luta, retains her rank of Acting Captain.
Stardate 910423 Promoted to Captain; acting rank removed.
Stardate 961129 Promoted to Rear Admiral of the Lower Half by Admiral Staff

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 880803 Starfleet Commendation
"For actions aboard the ship during the Drezna Prime mission, the Ferengi invasion, and the subsequent lockdown of Engineering, for ensuring control of the ship remained in safe hands. Actions went above and beyond the call of duty and have not gone un-noticed and will not be forgotten."
Stardate 881220 Starfleet Commendation
"For her role in the Away Team to the planet Ascella, for rising above and beyond the call of duty in keeping the away team safe in a potentially unknown situation."
Stardate 890131 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890604 Starfleet Commendation
For the Mission to System 757.
Stardate 890626 Starfleet Commendation
For her efforts in protecting the Orb of Prophecy and Change from an attempt at its theft by the Ferengi outlaw Drange.
Stardate 890709 Star Cross
for meritorious achievement during the dreadnaught mission on the Cardassian border.
Stardate 890731 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890815 Grankite Order of Tactics, Class of Excellence
Awarded for leading the combined efforts of the Audux, Brisbane, 517, and Adriatic.
Stardate 890819 Starfleet Commendation
For contributions to the Mission to Dorvan V.
Stardate 890901 Starfleet Commendation
For her efforts in rescuing the M'Benga Sol'Tak Foundation team from Timare.
Stardate 891211 Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Bravery
For her actions during the investigation on Rekeps III.
Stardate 900101 Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Bravery
For her actions during the operation to discover the source of a dangerous viral infection with Breen origins.
Stardate 900131 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900731 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910131 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910712 Kragite Order of Heroism
For participation in the Mission to Atura.
Stardate 910731 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910801 Grankite Order of Tactics
For actions with the USS Scylax against the borg.
Stardate 911031 Starfleet Command Declaration for Valor and Gallantry
In recognition of leadership and conduct during the operation to recover the Federation citizens incarcerated at Alit'ras.
Stardate 920131 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920731 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930422 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930807 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930813 Kragite Order of Heroism
For successfully commanding the Vimy Ridge during the retaking of Parlaxis.
Stardate 940219 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 880710 Transfered to USS Erinys as a Security Officer.
Stardate 890520 Volunteers for Mission to System 757; temporarily assigned to USS Peter the Great
Stardate 890618 Volunteers for Tale of the Tape and is temporarily re-assigned.
Stardate 890628 Temporarily assigned to USS Tillamook for Mission to Dorvan V.
Stardate 890914 Recieves order to partake in Special Mission: Operation Breen Death under the command of Lieutenant Commander Joshua Tremaine.
Stardate 891029 Recieves orders from Starfleet to return to the Academy to enter into advanced Command Training in preperation for her next assignment.
Stardate 891108 Assigned to USS Audax, preps vessel for maiden voyage.
Stardate 891211 Temporarily assigned to USS Rhine under the command of LtCmdr Johnson for Operation Archeological Sabotage.
Stardate 910201 Temporarily assigned to the Atura Mission
Stardate 911230 Is transfered to the Galaxy Class Vimy Ridge as her Captain by Captain Luta.
Stardate 940624 Given orders to report to the 11th Fleet for a temporary reassignment of the USS Vimy Ridge.
Stardate 950315 Orders to return to the Fourth Fleet. Vimy Ridge granted R&R before returning to duty.
Stardate 960628 Arrives at Paradise IV along with a the partial crew of the USS Vimy Ridge.
Stardate 961130 Accepts responsibility as the Commanding Officer of the 14th Fleet. Remains on Paradise IV until the new Star Base can be constructed.

Character Description

K`ylana has a fiery temper and would be loyal to her own death to protect any which she allows get close enough to her. She acts as though she is far tougher than perhaps she truly is. While growing up K`ylana often struggled with her race, not ever truly fitting in as a Human or Klingon. As a younger child the part klingon determined that it was best for her to be alone than to risk the loss of trust; a theme which she still struggles with as an adult.

Having become Executive Officer at such a young age K`ylana at times found herself questioning her ability and fears of possibly dishonouring her Captain and Crew. The only way to combat these fears were through time and experience; having to pick herself up more than once from self inflicted dishonour.

K`ylana became romantically involved with Scott Sutton in the spring of 2389; the then Chief of Security and 2XO of the USS Erinys, the pair kept their relationship under wraps.

Even though numerous rumours spread through the Erinys; K`ylana nor Scott chose to respond with a denial or confirmation on their relationship. Sutton and Vilqa were and still are both private people and preferred to keep their relationship discreet when in public. Despite, or perhaps due to their secrecy the crew was ever more speculative and began a pool to see when the pair would slip and reveal their secret.

After the USS Erinys was destroyed by holographic Borg K`ylana fell into downward spiralling cavern of self hatred. The once overly proud woman felt as though her actions were lacking in the honour expected of one who proudly bore the right of a Klingon name. Sutton and K`ylana grew distant; their only contact being those of argument and sarcastic one liners. This was a dark and lonely time for K`ylana as she believed she lost the trust and love of the one person she truly trusted to bear her darkest secrets with. After weeks of silence the pair was able to mend their relationship enough to work civilly together as Captain Tarryn was ordered to undergo extensive engineering training.

K`ylana and Sutton were given orders to Command the teams of both the Erinys and Cerberus during a joint mission to start up a new Federation colony. Through dedication, perseverance and hard work the pair slowly reunited but this time around have become even more secretive of their relationship.

In October of 2389 K`ylana was ordered back to the Academy's main campus to undergo Advanced Command training and was informed that she would be given Command of a new Steamrunner Class Vessel the USS Audax. Her Executive Officer was named as Scott Sutton; the only person brave enough to tell K`y to her face that she was wrong. With Sutton's encouragement the woman determined what she wanted from her career -- and that was to Command.

While on shore leave at Phantasia Land the crew of the Audax regressed in age due to a mutated flu virus, Levodian-Chase; K`ylana in turn dyed her hair blonde temporarily and regressed to the age of approximately 16.

In August of the year 2390 Commander Scott Sutton transferred to the USS Brisbane as their Commanding Officer and bring an end of a personal era for K`ylana.

The Klingon Captain herself has very few friends, but her Dr. Cait Blake she considers to be close as blood and is a confidant that she uses far less than would be healthy to listen to her worries and problems. The two women knew each other since they were Ensigns aboard the USS Erinys and although they have a love hate relationship their respect is stronger than ever. When Cait and her husband Toby gave birth to their daughter K`ylana was named her godmother.

In 2391- 92 Vilqa had a brief and rarely public relationship with Vincent Dharmajiva which ended as quickly as it began; the pair taking years to see eye to eye after their breakup.

Known for being overly secretive and learning from her mistake with Vin K`ylana is able to keep her relationship with Marcus Saladin secret from the majority of those around her except for a very select few. The secrecy becoming more important to both her and Marcus due to her promotion to Admiral and his to taking on a command role. Upon her promotion Admiral Vilqa establishes offices and a home base on Paradise IV.


Martial Arts, Meditation, Sketching, Kayaking, Boarding, Hand-to-Hand Combat and Historical Swordsmanship Training. And many feeble attempts at Origami, which often leads to more hand to hand combat to work away the frustration.

Languages Federation Standard and Klingon
Physical Description

Being only one quarter Klingon, K`ylana does not hold the strong features distinguishable by the race, instead appears more human with subtle Klingon traits visible upon her forehead. The quarter klingon has piercing sapphire eyes that sparkle with mischief and but darken like a ferocious storm when duty and heartache call. Her raven hair falls down to her mid back and is usually pulled back. Do not allow her small frame to fool you, she is agile and vicious when in battle. She is well toned, spending most, if not all of her free time practising martial arts, swordsmanship or traditional hand to hand combat on the holodeck. She sports several tattoos some visible when dressed casually; a dragon on one arm, Celtic band on the other; on her shoulder she sports the word Honour in Chinese characters; the other tattoos remain secret and hidden from the view of most.

Nicknames K,K`y, Klingon Bitch Minion (courtesy of Lou's NPC), Lana and "K-Y" (By pain of a terribly painful death.)

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