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Name: Lezaria Andromeda Creighton
Status: Do Not Display in Database
Serial Number: 691-LCHUM-3Q5K
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Unassigned
Rank: Acting Commander
Age: 42
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: May 14th, 2361
Height: 1.67 m
Weight: 65 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Brown Father: John Allen Creighton
Hair Color: Black Mother: Helena Patrice Creighton
Marital Status: Married Siblings: John Allen Jr, Moira - adopted
Location of Birth: America Spouse: Lt. Jin Ochi
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: 2 year old twins - Ichi and Sachi

Personal History
Stardate 861029 Zaria joined the crew of USS Frontier as Assistant Medical Officer after much traveling and soul-searching, trying to decide what she wanted to do with herself.
Stardate 870214 Diego de la Vega takes Zaria for a romantic cruise on a Spanish Galleon in the Frontier's holodeck and gives her a token of his affection: a delicate necklace.
Stardate 870307 Zaria finds herself in the middle of a love triangle which includes herself and two engineers: Diego de la Vega and Charles Heindall.
Stardate 870314 Zaria begins a long-running friendship with Frontier's counselor, Jenaria Dut , due to the love triangle with de la Vega and Heindall.
Stardate 870503 Charles Heindall wins Zaria's heart without realizing it. She finds his innocence and complete lack of experience with women to be very endearing.
Stardate 870715 Zaria takes a leave of absence from her position as Assistant Medical Officer on Annapolis-Fleetyards after her love interest, Charles Heindall, suddenly disappears from the station.
Stardate 880331 Zaria is deemed a damn good XO but a hormonal psycho by Renown's exiting CO, Matt Hunter.
Stardate 880528 Zaria is shocked when Heindall reappears as Chief Engineer on the Renown. It doesn't take long for their romance to rekindle itself. Zaria is leary at first, but Charles assures her he is there to stay this time.
Stardate 881010 Zaria takes a leave of absence and is given a teaching position at the Academy when both Charles Heindall and Johnathan Nesbitt are required to go back to earth, each needing specialized surgery and long recovery times that would be difficult to receive in space.
Stardate 900207 Zaria has her first date since leaving Heindall on earth: with her XO, Mark Cross. He woos her with pizza and unfinished hologames.
Stardate 900224 Zaria is reunited with her longtime friend, Morgan Lara, whom she had served with on the Renown.
Stardate 900307 A very large bouquet of flowers arrived in Zaria's office, sent by the Hiei's XO.
Stardate 900612 Zaria has once again come between two men and becomes the cause of a pub fiasco on Bajor involving Mark Cross, Jin Ochi and the vast majority of the Hiei crew.
Stardate 900613 Zaria and Jin decide that it would be best if they were simply good friends without the complication of a patient/doctor romantic relationship.
Stardate 900613 Mark Cross, XO of the Hiei, officially asks Zaria to be his girlfriend...and she accepts.
Stardate 900630 Zaria inherits custody of her 16-year-old adopted sister, Moira Creighton.
Stardate 900727 Zaria was forced by the Irrinians to face her worst nightmare. She defeated her demons and came away from the experience having learned several interesting truths about herself that she hadn't wanted to face previously.
Stardate 900805 Zaria breaks up with Mark Cross after realizing she loves him as a friend but nothing more.
Stardate 900806 Zaria confesses in a roundabout way that she has feelings for Jin Ochi, whom she has been counseling, and that is why she has requested his case be transferred to someone else.
Stardate 900822 Rashka Dvorak, Jin's girlfriend, confronts Zaria regarding her relationship with Jin.
Stardate 900929 Zaria is dumbfounded when she is made Acting Captain and given command of the Hiei.
Stardate 900930 Rashka Dvorak and Jin Ochi break up, leaving Zaria to find out when she receives a transport request from the station to beam a drunk and passed out Jin to Sickbay.
Stardate 901001 Rashka Dvorak and Crewman Carlson's remains are found in Carlson's quarters in what looks to be a murder suicide. This leaves Zaria to break the news to an already devastated Jin Ochi.
Stardate 901002 Jin Ochi requested to stay with Zaria temporarily after finding out about the deaths.
Stardate 901005 Zaria is very disturbed when Jin suddenly doesn't remember anything about his relationship with Rashka.
Stardate 901011 Jin and Zaria 'officially' become a couple.
Stardate 901108 Zaria and Jin discussed the idea of eloping.
Stardate 901114 Jin gets his memories back and encounters Raiden again, the rogue Betazoid who buried his memories in the first place.
Stardate 901123 Jin and Zaria elope while on shoreleave on Rigel II.
Stardate 910101 Zaria is reunited with her childhood friend, Bradley Jackson, and has to tell him that she's now married and he has expressed his interest in her too late.
Stardate 910108 Jin and Zaria announce to the crew that they were married on the last shoreleave. They also announce that Zaria is pregnant.
Stardate 910111 Zaria finds that her old friend, Diego de la Vega, is captaining the civilian ship that the Hiei went to assist when it was attacked by pirates.
Stardate 910625 Zaria is overwhelmed when motherhood times two overtakes her two months earlier than expected.
Stardate 911231 When the twins are six months of age, Zaria makes the most difficult decision of her life thus far: to take a leave of absence from Starfleet in order to take care of her children and not put them or her crew at risk with her distractedness or feelings of being overwhelmed.
Stardate 930625 After much thought, many struggles, and a guilty conscience, Zaria decides that for her own sanity, she needs to be reinstated with Starfleet, even if temporarily. She's lost herself somewhere along the way and once upon a time it had been Starfleet that had defined her.

Medical History
Stardate 610514 Lezaria Andromeda Creighton is born to John and Helena Creighton in Cleveland, Ohio on earth.
Stardate 650224 A brother is born to Lezaria: John Allen Jr.
Stardate 690626 An eight year old Zaria falls off a piece of playground equipment and rips her right knee open. She is rushed to medical by her aunt and uncle. Her parents meet them there. She is so terrified by the hyposprays that they are unable to completely correct the problem, thus leaving her with a scar.
Stardate 760723 The fifteen-year-old Zaria receives her second scar, on her upper right shoulderblade.
Stardate 870417 Zaria is critically injured when the Frontier is attacked. The turbolift was disabled and fires had broken out in sickbay. Heindall and de la Vega both worked to save the medical officer.
Stardate 870715 Zaria is ordered to take some time off after passing out and having a nervous breakdown due to the disappearance of Charles Heindall.
Stardate 900225 After a suspicious and surprising length of time with no medical problems whatsoever, Zaria comes down with the flu and has to rest for several days.
Stardate 900712 Received concussion when an Irrinian Holodeck simulation of Pearl Harbor's USS Arizona was bombed and she was hit with some debris.
Stardate 900723 Zaria received a second concussion when she is kicked in the side of the head by crewmate Rashka Dvorak who was being controlled physically by the Irrinian holodeck program.
Stardate 900918 Zaria assisted in finding the cure for a mutated strand of the ebola virus, receiving an innoculation for it herself.
Stardate 901031 Zaria awakens after having been copied and put in stasis thanks to an effort by the former Bringloidian governor to stage a coup and maintain his power.
Stardate 910103 After getting dizzy and nauseous, Zaria finds out that she's pregnant.
Stardate 910625 Fraternal twins, Ichi and Sachi, were born to Jin and Zaria. They were two months early but had no medical difficulties from it and were released from Sickbay with their mother within 24 hours of their birth.

Promotion History
Stardate 861215 Promoted to LtJg
Stardate 870427 Promoted to Lt
Stardate 871026 Promoted to Acting LtCmdr
Stardate 880202 Promoted to Full LtCmdr.
Stardate 900929 Promoted to Acting Captain of the USS Hiei.
Stardate 901008 Promoted to Full Cmdr before being demoted for doing what she'd thought right for her ship and her crew when she'd been presented with an opportunity that she felt could not be passed up.
Stardate 930629 Promoted to Acting Commander upon acceptance of temporary position as Tempest's XO.

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 870501 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 870730 Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Bravery
For helping in ending the murders on Annapolis Fleetyards
Stardate 871101 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 880428 Star Cross
For not only taking command of the ship as the Captain was absent, but for being in command as a badly damaged wreak spun into a planets atmostphere, a planet was in chaos due to earthquakes, the Captain had been kidnapped, and things were generally dire.
Stardate 880501 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 880916 Starfleet Commendation
for his work towards finding the cure to Condition Shaw.
Stardate 881101 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890501 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 891101 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900205 Starfleet Commendation
for her efforts in the d'Khriv shipyard rescue operation.
Stardate 900505 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900524 Starfleet Commendation
For her participation in the Swiftfire mission.
Stardate 900629 Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Bravery
For volunteering on a dangerous mission to rescue two missing crew members while the ship was stranded in the Delta Quadrant.
Stardate 900629 Star Cross
For her consistant service and dedication throughout the course of the Delta Quadrant mission in the field of medicine.
Stardate 930703 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930703 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930703 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930703 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930703 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930703 One Year Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 861008 Zaria is transferred to the USS Frontier as Assistant Medical Officer after graduating from the Academy.
Stardate 870604 Zaria is transferred along with the rest of the crew of the Frontier to the Annapolis-Fleetyards.
Stardate 870718 Zaria is transferred from Annapolis-Fleetyards to the Raven as its XO, whose crew was then immediately transferred to the Renown.
Stardate 880812 Zaria is transferred to her own command, the USS Legacy.
Stardate 881002 Upon her own request, Zaria takes a leave of absence from starships and is transferred to teach at the Academy while Heindall and Nesbitt recover from surgery.
Stardate 891103 Zaria requests to be transferred back to a starship position and is assigned to the USS Kennedy as its Chief Medical Officer.
Stardate 891205 The crew of the Kennedy and the crew of T4 are merged with each respective crew transferring to the USS Hiei.
Stardate 900929 Transferred from CMO and 2XO of the USS Hiei to the Commanding Officer position of the same ship.
Stardate 911231 Zaria relinquished her command to take care of her children full time, taking an indefinite leave of absence from Starfleet.
Stardate 930629 In requesting to be reinstated, Zaria is placed on the USS Tempest as temporary XO.

Character Description Upon first meeting her, Zaria is shy but fun-loving. She worries a lot but is confident in her work when under pressure. Under normal circumstances, she can be very self-conscious. Prior to joining Starfleet, Zaria traveled extensively in Europe and Latin America. Her parents never understood her need for adventure and her restlessness when it came to staying in one place. Often, in spite of her good intentions, she ends up in sticky situations that could potentially hurt someone emotionally or even be detrimental to her career. This is particularly true in instances where she attempts to take on the role of counselor. In spite of having had extensive training in the counseling role, Zaria still has difficulty distancing herself from her patients and their needs. This is also true in a medical setting, but there, at least, it seems to work in her favor. In academy, Zaria decided to go into medical after having taken command classes because she felt that she could do more good in medicine than in command. At one point, after a personal loss, Starfleet decided to put her command training to use and made her the XO of the USS Renown. For a short time after leaving the Renown, she was assigned to an independent vessel as its captain: the USS Legacy. It was at that point that Charles Heindall reappeared in her life and then, just as suddenly, was forced to leave again. Consequently, Zaria took some time off from Starfleet in order to accompany Charles and her good friend, Johnathan Nesbitt, back to earth where they each underwent extensive surgery. Once Charles had recovered, things were not the same between he and Zaria and he urged her to return to space. She finally relented and was assigned to the USS Hiei, where she was their Chief Medical Officer and Interim Counselor until she was given command of the same vessel. During her time on the Hiei, she found that she still has a penchant for becoming too emotionally involved with her patients (and consequently marrying one) and for getting herself into sticky situations.
Hobbies Zaria enjoys traveling anywhere whether it be on-planet or off, but has a large interest in Latin American culture on earth. She has an avid interest in counseling psychology, but gets too emotionally involved with her patients to ever be able to do much with this interest. She also enjoys holonovels and old movies from another time and another place.
Languages Federation Standard, Spanish
Physical Description Zaria has a scar on her right knee from where she fell off some bars on the playground when she was 8. She also has another scar on her upper right shoulderblade from an accident when she was was fifteen. Now, at 29, she has gotten her first tattoos: a thorny red rose on her outer right calf and a yin symbol on her back right shoulder blade. The yin symbol matches Jin's yang symbol. They got these done rather than getting wedding rings.
Nicknames Zaria, Zar, Z

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