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Name: Durgo Lourelle
Status: Inactive
Serial Number: 691-LDBAJ-2O5L
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Age: 41
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 6th, 2362
Height: 1.54 m
Weight: 53 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father: Durgo Jaroc (deceased)
Hair Color: Brown Mother: Durgo Tozelle (deceased)
Marital Status: Single Siblings: Brother - Durgo Jallie
Location of Birth: Mousilla Province Spouse:
Planet of Birth: Bajor Children:

Personal History
Stardate 620406 Born to Durgo Toselle and Durgo Jaroc in the Mousilla Province of Bajor.
Stardate 650804 Parents are killed in a shuttle accident and Lourelle is sent to live with her Aunt (Durgo Illiana) and Uncle (Durgo Marook), instead of an orphanage.
Stardate 750301 Her brother leaves Bajor, leaving Lourelle alone and feeling abandoned.
Stardate 801124 At the urging of her Aunt and Uncle, and with the attempt to find a purpose in her life, Lourelle begins her studies of the Ancient Bajoran religion of the Prophets, with her sights set on one day being accepted to the Vedek Assembly.
Stardate 811227 Secretly applies to Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 820115 Lourelle begins her first day of training at the Vedek Assembley.
Stardate 820117 Her application to Starfleet Academy is accepted.
Stardate 820119 Leaves Bajor for Earth and Starfleet Academy at the disapproval of her family.
Stardate 841010 Jallie returns to Bajor, whilst Lourelle continues her career in Starfleet.
Stardate 860927 Upon graduating Starfleet Academy, Lourelle returns home to Bajor before her first assignment.
Stardate 870819 Began a long term with relationship with Frederick DeLance, and ended upon her re-assignment.
Stardate 871122 Becomes life-long friends with Deigo de la Vega.
Stardate 880717 Became legal guardian of Carmen Young, an 11 year old girl, orphaned when her mother was killed in the line of duty.
Stardate 880814 At the request of the girl's grandmother and with the child's best interest at heart, Lourelle sends Carmen to Earth where she is raised by her maternal grandmother. Lourelle recieves letters and sub-space communications from Carmen on a regular basis.
Stardate 890712 Refused an awarded Medal, Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, First Class, in protest of the inept coordination of Starfleet Command during Vice Admiral Kimari's attack on Cardassia.
Stardate 890801 Returning to Starbase 517 after a routine mission to a neighbouring system to acquire additional resources for the Starbase, the Starbase is destroyed and the ship is thrown back in time to 2379. Lourelle meets Thomas Spartan, Damien Korczynski, Worekh Luta , aboard the USS Bismarck.
Stardate 890914 Returns to 2389 with the help of the USS Bismarck and its crew.
Stardate 891007 During a tour of the USS Kamehameha, Lourelle is trapped aboard as an alien influence begins to affect the men of every species. The female crew managed to take control of the ship and Lourelle takes temporary command of the USS Kamehameha when the alien battleships arrived.
Stardate 900327 Fulfills her primary mission as Starbase 517 is commissioned as full Federation installation.
Stardate 900603 Lourelle discovers her brother, Jallie, has been working for the Orion Syndicate and brings him back to the Starbase. After several weeks of incarceration, Jallie returns to Bajor.
Stardate 910417 Hearing of her Aunt's illness, Lourelle steps down as Commanding Officer of Starbase 517 and leaves for Bajor.
Stardate 910601 Durgo Illiana dies. Lourelle remains on Bajor to aid her uncle and to make ammends with her brother.
Stardate 910710 Returns to Starfleet and after several weeks of counselling is appointed command of a starship.
Stardate 911102 Feeling that she has lost her way, Lourelle leaves Starfleet and returns to Bajor. After several weeks in meditation she consults the Orb of Prophecy and Change and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
Stardate 920531 Reapplies to Starfleet.
Stardate 920610 Enroute to the Command Conference on Bellinzona IX, Lourelle recieves orders to rendezvous with the USS Sutter for a special assignment.

Medical History
Stardate 840809 Diagnosed as a claustrophobiac and underwent counseling in order to deal with the illness.
Stardate 870324 Sustained a minor concussion while under attack from Romulan warbird.
Stardate 881023 Sustained third degree burns and muscle damage to her right upper arm when a console experienced a feedback loop and exploded.
Stardate 890321 Shot in the chest by a phaser set to stun at close range while attending an offical banquet aboard Starbase 517. Underwent minor surgery on the venticular artery of the heart.
Stardate 890403 Recieves treatment in relation to a biological contaminent that spread amongst the population of Starbase 517.
Stardate 890510 Stabbed in the back during the mission to Annapolis Fleetyards. Died on the station and was resuscitated by Doctor Lise Christensen.
Stardate 891215 Treated for radition exposure after high levels were detected on Starbase 517.
Stardate 900903 Innoculated against Levodian Flu variant. Suffered from the anti-aging effects and regressed 5 years in physical age.
Stardate 940203 Lapses into a coma after being exposed to a toxic plant. Awakens 5 days later.
Stardate 940524 Recieves several large punture wounds to her shoulder and two bruised ribs after being attacked by a reptillian creature on Darius IV.

Promotion History
Stardate 860928 Graduated Starfleet Academy and awarded the rank of Ensign, by Superintendent Starfleet Academy, Earth.
Stardate 870418 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Svetlana Bazhena USS Tempest.
Stardate 870922 Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Svetlana Bazhena USS Tempest.
Stardate 890211 Promoted to Commander by Vice Admiral Hanton Kimari.
Stardate 900330 Promoted to the rank of Captain by Vice Admiral T'Leva.

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 870405 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 870505 Starfleet Commendation
This is given for outstanding thinking in trying times, specifically for great thinking in keeping engineering together and for the great idea to manually fire a torpedo during a very difficult time to make things happen. The joint effort displayed between Lieutenant junior grade Durgo Lourelle and Ensign Frederick DeLance is inspiring.
Stardate 871005 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 871025 Starfleet Commendation
for excellence in service aboard the U.S.S. Essex on stardate 871011.
Stardate 871206 Starfleet Commendation
for Operation Q-Ship.
Stardate 880121 Starfleet Commendation
for Operation Apprehend.
Stardate 880308 Kragite Order of Heroism
for actions and contributions during the Stand at Idran.
Stardate 880308 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
for actions and contributions during the Stand at Idran.
Stardate 880405 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 880909 Starfleet Commendation
for the Gordian Appraisal Mission onboard U.S.S. Seneca on stardate 880519.4
Stardate 880916 Starfleet Commendation
for his work towards finding the cure to Condition Shaw.
Stardate 880916 Starfleet Commendation
for volunteer service resulting in halting the disaster at Starbase 202.
Stardate 881005 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890405 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890503 Medal of Honor with Clusters
for her leadership displayed when dealing with a spore infection onboard Starbase 517, which had spread to several starships.
Stardate 890815 Starfleet Command Declaration for Valor and Gallantry
For her leadership during the Brisbane, 517, Audux, Adriatic mission
Stardate 891005 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 891121 Grankite Order of Tactics, Class of Excellence
for her leadership displayed during the Tranjetrie incident at Starbase 517.
Stardate 891204 Grankite Order of Tactics
For her leadership of the Retrieval mission of the Constitution class USS Tempest from the Drayton sector
Stardate 900405 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 901005 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910405 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910424 Legion of Honor
For service above and beyond the call of duty during the completion of Starbase 517.
Stardate 911005 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920405 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920612 Starfleet Commendation
For achievement during the follow-up research mission to the ancient Vegrani Fleet.
Stardate 930422 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930422 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 930811 Starfleet Command Declaration for Valor and Gallantry
For excellent leadership in the liberation of Parlaxis
Stardate 931120 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 940425 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 940525 Medal of Honor
For her leadership abilities displayed during the retrieval of vital strategic information from a Xeleucian vessel on Darius IV.

Transfer History
Stardate 820121 Begins Officer training at Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 861002 Assigned to the Engineering department aboard USS Tempest.
Stardate 870418 Transferred to Operations Manager aboard the USS Tempest.
Stardate 890211 Appointed Commanding Officer of Starbase 517. in order to facilicate its commissioning.
Stardate 900330 Accepts the offer to remain as Commanding Officer of Starbase 517 after its commissioning.
Stardate 900401 Assumes temporary command of the USS Ajax within a Federation Task Force on a priority mission to destroy an Orion Syndicate Starbase.
Stardate 900612 Resumes Command of Starbase 517.
Stardate 910417 Takes leave of absences from Starfleet.
Stardate 910723 Assigned as Commanding Officer of the Intrepid class USS Swiftfire.
Stardate 911102 Takes leave of absence from Starfleet.
Stardate 920610 Appointed Executive Officer of the USS Sutter .
Stardate 920612 Assumes Command of the alien vessel, Vegrani One, during the evacuation of Starbase 517.
Stardate 920730 Assigned as Commanding Officer of the Excelsior class, USS Sutter and appointed Executive Officer of the Klingon attachment of the Federation/Klingon Coalition.
Stardate 941112 Assigned as Commanding Officer of the Miranda Class vessel, USS Calaveras. .

Character Description Lourelle was born after the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor to Durgo Jaroc and Durgo Tozelle. Three years later, Jaroc and Tozelle where killed in a shuttle craft accident returning to Bajor after meeting the Emissary on Deep Space Nine. Lourelle and her brother Jallie (6 at the time) were sent to live with her aunt and uncle who raised them on the farm in the province of Mousilla on Bajor.

As Jallie grew, he fought with their uncle and at 16 left the Province for a better life determined not to follow in his uncle's footsteps as a farmer. Years later, Lourelle discovered that her aunt and uncle were freedom fighters during the Cardassian Occupation and after driving the Cardassians from Bajoran soil they wanted nothing more than to live a simple life. Her guardians passed their knowledge on to her, her aunt teaching her to read ancient and modern Bajoran as well as their spiritual beliefs. Her uncle, his knowledge of technology and computer systems and how to make any system work they way it was required. Something, she discovered was not taught at Starfleet Academy.

Lourelle lives strictly by her people's ancient beliefs and rituals and if she hadn't joined the Academy would have entered the Vedek assembly instead. She joined the Academy against her aunt and uncle's wishes and has only seen them once since her enrollment.

9 years after his departure, Jallie returned to Bajor and has since insisted that Lourelle return also, stating he was wrong to abandon his people and all Bajorans should stay true to their roots. Her mind set, Lourelle pursue her career in Starfleet.

A mediocre student she graduate from Starfleet Academy in the middle of her class and was assigned to the USS Tempest, where she made a new life with the support of her new friends.

Finally reaching her potential and after serving aboard the USS Tempest for majority of her Starfleet career, Lourelle accepts a transfer to Starbase 517 as Commanding Officer, bringing a sad day as she bids those she has known for many years farewell.

Lourelle briefly becomes secretly and romantically involved with Rear Admiral Thomas Spartan.
Hobbies Lourelle has a keen sense of fitness and has found a physical workout with a Klingon Bat'leth rivetting. She has a fondness for two-dimensional movies that she was introduced to by Frederick DeLance, whilst serving onboard the USS Tempest, though she doesn't think much of the popcorn humans eat with it. Also has a fondness for Earth's vanilla orchid.
Languages Ancient and modern Bajoran, Federation standard.
Physical Description A slender woman in her mid-late twenties, with dark brown hair and bright green eyes, Lourelle holds herself with confidence and self-respect. She wears a Bajoran earring which represents not only her culture, but her religious beliefs.
Nicknames Lou

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